Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Theatre

No, not the way you guys see it. I'm talking behind the scenes, the people who pick up after the moviegoers.

Yeah, that's me. I work at one of the movie theaters here in Vegas, and I must say, you people need to clean up after yourselves. I just had the worst night ushering the theater alone. No Help. During a busy time right after UP and a few other less interesting movies came out. I was about twenty minutes behind schedule at one point because I got stuck in one of the auditoriums cleaning up piles of food and spills left behind. It's like everyone was raised in a barn.

Even before I joined the movie theater work force, I would never leave behind FULL boxes of popcorn and FULL sodas and all sorts of other things I find while cleaning. Children's movies are the worst, as you'll get many more spills and torn bags of candy in those movies.

I even find things like Beer, the can half empty, just sitting on the ground. How do these people smuggle this stuff in? It's ridiculous. I heard from a friend that used to work there that he found condoms in one theater, and Needles in the next. Come on now people. That's disgusting.

I suppose the worst thing about the day was that no one was really texting me while I was able to talk, when they did answer, no one cared about how I was feeling. Lee, my best friend, was too busy with her boyfriend to really talk, though at one point she apparently had her phone silenced. But I digress.

I apologize for my second post being a rant, but it helped ease the pain of my walking muscles.

And now for something completely different.


Lee said...

I was with Alex for an hour tops. My phone WAS silenced and I didn't know it.
I also went to sleep at one point. That's the only reason I didn't answer.

Wendyburd1 said...

Awww you called Lee your best friend okay I am thinking you just might be a gentleman!

Sarah said...

I used to help my ex-stepmom clean a theater...disgusting. I have always been a "put trash in a trash can" kind of person but the stupidity, laziness, and cluelessness of people still amazes me. You have to wonder what their homes look like?!