Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Apologies and Poems

Hey everyone, I'm sorry about not posting for a while, I've been busy with work and I've pretty much only had my latest poem on my mind. (Yeah, yeah I write poetry, big whoop wanna fight about it?)

I figured I would post my poem here on my blog to see how you guys like it! Make sure to let me know what you think. This one is titled "Dominion" and is my thoughts on the economy right now. It's a little dark, but my poems usually are.


This world, I fear, is worthless.
The notion of your gold,
to gain wealth that is matchless
or so I have been told

amounts to naught but contests
to claim the tallest hill.
Arisen from these conquests
come men prepared to kill,

selfish men who own the land
unmoved by helpless cries,
carry on with what they've planned
while life around them dies.

You have heard the news , I'm sure.
The plans that we've been told.
While they take you on the tour
I'll watch as things unfold.

Unless the course is altered,
unless we make a choice.
The men will see we've faltered
and then they'll take our voice.

[Edit]: Fixed a small typo!


Wendyburd1 said...

Drew I love it! It is really visual!! Don't worry about it being dark, most of mine is and I am not much of a poet I think. I have a hard time writing happy poetry, weird. LOL!

Bobby G said...

I like that man, Poetry is supposed to be dark, Im glad you do rhyming poetry, if it doesnt rhyme its JUST word

Lee said...

Lol, at least Bobby agrees that poetry is supposed to rhyme.
I remember that fight you had that day about how people think rhyming poetry is stupid.

- Eadyn's Calling said...

You did an awesome job! And poetry doesn't have to rhyme. I don't like rhyming poetry because most of the time, the rhymes are so forced that the words are lost. But yours was really good. :)