Monday, June 15, 2009

No Faith In Humanity

So I've come to the conclusion that humans are slowly devolving into a mess of morons, to be put lightly.

All around, I see idiots killing themselves by doing stupid stunts, I see drivers that could care less about anyone but themselves and the extra 10 seconds driving recklessly gets them. In fact, the other day I was walking down the street and I come to a light, a paramedic ambulence is streaking toward the intersection, blaring it's horn. No one stops moving through. As it comes to the light, some people stop but STILL more people are charging through the lane. It took about ten seconds sitting at the light for the paramedic to get through, and that is serious.

Perhaps on top of that I've been ignored by pretty much everyone I know. I don't even get an explanation, and when I make plans they all get blown off. It completely sucks.

Oh, and my desktop computer broke. fabulous right? Well what makes it better is that my brother (some of you may be familiar with this asshat) Decided he would reformat the computer all by himself. He also decided not to ask for help when he couldn't figure out how to use the recovery discs. Guess what that means? Yep, all our documents are now gone, for good. PLUS we can't find the disc to the program that lets us connect to the internet on that computer. Nice.

OKAY enough negativity.

I recently saw a slew of movies, due to being a movie theatre employee, I got to watch them free. So I think I'll write some honest reviews from my point of view.

UP: Great movie, tear jerker, funny, witty, and dramatic. I don't care what anyone else says either, all the dog scenes were awesome, even the ones in planes.

Land Of The Lost: Freaking hilarious, I loved this movie. Everything was done awesome and they had all the good inside jokes in there if you had watched the show before.

Night at the Museum 2: Better than the first one, in my opinion. Some of the jokes weren't that great, and some scenes could have been longer, but it was an all around good movie.

Dance Flick: This movie I went into thinking it would be really stupid, and some of the scenes were, but most of the scenes made me laugh out loud in the theatre.

I really wanted to see "I love you man" but it got out of the theatre before I could.

Well, thats all I got. I think that this post could have been a little better, and a little less random, but oh well.

And now for something semi-different.


Wendyburd1 said...

Hey MOST of my posts are random, my brain skips around all the time! Your brother was not swift, you leave reformatting to the experts like my Dad...who I am still waiting to do that to MY computer for 2 months now...yeah I was a top priority too! Oy.

I haven't seen Land of the Lost but I am dying to!! And I loved Up!! No thanks to Dance Flick, I hate stupid movies like that and appreciate dance too much to mock it and the dance movies I happen to love. I am dying seriously DYING for Transformers, it looks freaking awesome!!I have a vintage Optimus Prime shirt and am such a geek I know, but I love it!

Free movies, NICE. The work though I'd wanna skip so I will sadly pay for tickets to not clean up after people.

And people NOT moving for ambulances is sick. 10 seconds could save a life.

Bobby G said...

LOVE that poster! Free movies is the main benefit of movie theater work, I have no desire to see any of those movies except maybe up. used to Love Will ferrell, but his last few flicks didnt do it for me...

Lee said...

Your brother is such an idiot.
Sometimes, I want to punch him straight in the face.


Sara said...

Dance Flick WAS good? I want tos ee it, but in today's economy, I don't want to waste my money on a movie if it's stupid.

Check out my blog?


Wendyburd1 said...

Hey Drew! I changed my blog addy! It's:

Bobbie Leigh said...

Amen about the idiots!! Not that I’m the greatest driver, but at least I try to get from point A to B without killing or injuring anyone. Thanks for the movie tips!

Marcel said...

Sounds like we something in common. I am surrounded by idiots. When I don't go to work production goes down over 30%. Can you believe that. I am 1 of 30 guys at sawmill. You think we could find 1 guy that could be able to learn and cover for me. I can do all the other jobs at our site and I see what the other guys are doing from my position and I just shake my head and wonder where the .... can so many stupid people be coming from. Am I the only 1 who knows how to work and run machines.