Friday, August 13, 2010

And that, as they say, is that.

Hello all, I know, I know, I've been gone a really long time. I kept wanting to come back and write. To talk to the void again. I'm not sure where to start really.

I guess I could start by talking about, as some of you may have heard, what had happened between me and Lee.

Me and her went through a very rough patch just before we broke up the last time and I moved to Oklahoma (had I not mentioned that I moved?). We were still talking for a couple months after I had gone. When she had met her current boyfriend and, well, told me some things that I really wish I hadn't heard, I kinda snapped at her and said some things I still regret. We've stopped talking since then, but I still care for her and wish her well. I miss all the good times.

Okay, so, what else... (not that anyone is reading this anyway)

I found out exactly what it's been like to be out on my own. It's only slightly harder than I had expected, and it has gotten me motivated to start working toward a future and getting into school. I'm sure I can make something out of myself if I continue motivating my self.

I have also decided where my goal is as well. I want to live in Seattle. I'm sure of it, and I know that I'll get there eventually.

Think I may start writing more soon. I'll try my best to keep it going this time.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Newest Poem: Goodnight

I have this posted a couple other places, but I thought it might look good on my blog too...


I wish I had more time to think
about the words I'd said to you,
and while you laid there on the brink
I told you how it wasn't true.

I said that it would "be alright"
You clung to me, I held you tight,
I couldn't let you go that night
and leave my life without your light.

I wished that it was all a dream
and when you said "I feel so cold"
I fought the urge inside to scream,
while you smiled at the lies I'd told.

I said that it would "be alright"
You clung to me, I held you tight.
I couldn't let you go that night,
and leave my life without your light.

I couldn't let you go that night,
you clung to me, I held you tight.
You said that it would be alright,
the last thing you said was Goodnight.

More to come soon

Hey everyone! I'm not dead!

I've been busy and I've had my mind on other things for the longest time, but whenever I get on my computer I see my blog staring pleadingly at me almost whispering; "Update me..."

So, while I really don't feel up to it tonight, at two in the morning. I'll make a new post very soon. I promise.

Picture Unrelated, but hilarious.