Friday, August 13, 2010

And that, as they say, is that.

Hello all, I know, I know, I've been gone a really long time. I kept wanting to come back and write. To talk to the void again. I'm not sure where to start really.

I guess I could start by talking about, as some of you may have heard, what had happened between me and Lee.

Me and her went through a very rough patch just before we broke up the last time and I moved to Oklahoma (had I not mentioned that I moved?). We were still talking for a couple months after I had gone. When she had met her current boyfriend and, well, told me some things that I really wish I hadn't heard, I kinda snapped at her and said some things I still regret. We've stopped talking since then, but I still care for her and wish her well. I miss all the good times.

Okay, so, what else... (not that anyone is reading this anyway)

I found out exactly what it's been like to be out on my own. It's only slightly harder than I had expected, and it has gotten me motivated to start working toward a future and getting into school. I'm sure I can make something out of myself if I continue motivating my self.

I have also decided where my goal is as well. I want to live in Seattle. I'm sure of it, and I know that I'll get there eventually.

Think I may start writing more soon. I'll try my best to keep it going this time.

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Blue said...

Nice blog. I hear the "real world" is pretty scary.
I'm still in college, and I've got a year before I graduate..Still pretty much clueless about what I'll be doing after!
Keep up the posts, it's been fun reading!